10 Recommendations for Students to Prepare for IAS Exam whilst in College



For smart aspirants, college is definitely the best place to begin IAS exam preparation.


With all of the energy on the young age plus the sharpness from the student’s thoughts, the just-out-of-college guys have greater probabilities to clear IAS exam. But unless the preparation is focused on correct guidance and approaches, the try may well turn futile, resulting inside the loss of valuable attempts. Get more details about current affairs app


Aspirants need to never let this come about. We hope this post would certainly enable those that are searching for appropriate guidance to prepare IAS exam although in college, specifically the final year students and pre-final year students.


1. Take the early advantage

Please recall the eligibility criteria for UPSC Civil Service Exam (CSE) is 21 years and also a graduation in any subject. You'll want to also take note that final year students can apply for IAS Prelims. A lot of candidates miss this early chance and come into UPSC Civil Service Exam preparation field only pretty late. This really is clearly reflected inside the reality that the average age of candidates who make it in to the final UPSC CSE rank list is 28 years.


Should you begin early, that would provide you with quite a bit several benefits. And, we've no doubts that aspirants who begin early can clear IAS exam without compromising the thrill and happiness of campus life. But for that, you may need correct guidance.


2. Realise that you simply have time constraints, so prioritize your time!

In contrast to several other aspirants who can dedicate a complete year for UPSC preparation, people who prepare parallel for UPSC CSE when in the college may have time constraints. So what's essential is your ability to prioritize things. Do only what is particularly essential.


Be thorough using the UPSC syllabus. Go through the previous year UPSC CSE query papers. This should give you the appropriate path.


3. Obtain probably the most suggested books for IAS preparation

After you have decided that IAS/IPS as your career target, purchase by far the most vital books for UPSC CSE preparation. We have compiled the master list of UPSC books on a separate page. But to start with, the under are the books you need to get started with.


NCERT Books - Obtain online from Amazon or download NCERT PDF.

Polity - by Laxmikanth

Economics - by Ramesh Singh

History - By Bipan Chandra


4. Enroll for ClearIAS mock test series


You might write UPSC Preliminary Exam only following 1-2 years, but enrolling a mock test series as early as possible is essential. ClearIAS online mock test series is trusted by far more than 90,000 aspirants and no serious aspirant ought to miss our online mock tests.


You should not be concerned about the marks you score, but take mock exams as an opportunity for learning. Mock tests allow you to comprehend not merely the UPSC pattern of concerns but additionally tough concepts. Should you are fortunate, you may get a lot of direct and indirect questions from mock test series alone, since it occurred with ClearIAS test series (more than 100 marks worth questions were asked in UPSC CSE Prelims 2016 from ClearIAS mock test series 2016).


5. Utilise your spare time

If you get a free hour, utilise the time. Set up ClearIAS mobile app (Android and iPhone versions available) and make use of the sources provided in it for free - irrespective of whether you're sitting within the library or waiting for a bus.


Extra than 3,00,000 aspirants have currently downloaded ClearIAS app creating it one in the most downloaded mobile apps for IAS preparation.


6. Study newspapers and magazines

Don’t compromise your newspaper reading irrespective of the time constraints. Once you get in to the mood, believe us, it’s not that boring! We prefer The Hindu or Indian Express for high quality articles. Give importance to editorials and op-ed articles.    


7. Maintain writing

In UPSC CSE Mains, the speed of writing is very significant. Aspirants just out of college will have a large advantage here as they may be not out of touch with pen and paper when in comparison to working professionals. Take maximum leverage on this.


Some tips to polish your writing: Participate in essay competitions in your college. Create letters to editors of well-known newspapers. Practice ClearIAS major mock concerns.


8. Talk about existing concerns together with your good friends


We won’t say you cease all chit-chat. Extended conversations and debates are all part of college life. Delight in it, but, create a buddies circle who consider like you, with whom you'll be able to go over existing concerns.


Believe us, peer understanding is one in the most significant aspects which aid a lot of the aspirants in IAS exam. Build groups right in the college.


9. Finish 1-2 subjects for the duration of semester break

It's the approach of some toppers to finish the optional subject for the duration of semester breaks in the course of college in order that they can concentrate on Basic Studies (GS) and existing affairs right after graduation.


If time permits, either finish your optional subject or the complete set of NCERTs from class 6-12. Alternatively, you'll be able to try finishing all the free study components offered in to develop your ideas or all online mock tests in ClearIAS mock test platform and revise the resources offered within the Understanding Zone.


10. Study toppers interviews

IAS preparation methods hold on changing together with the availability of new supplies and new question patterns from UPSC. Usually refer the UPSC toppers interviews at for the newest ideas from toppers. This would keep you motivated. Have huge dreams. Each of the finest!

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