Aircraft engineering

We are the leading automotive and aircraft maintenance colleges that provides state-of-the-art academic facilities, quality education environment and excellence professional training programs. Our trainers are exposed to advanced techniques to increase their training ability and pass on new knowledge to produce professional automotive and aircraft maintenance or aviation manpower. Despark College is committed to equip future graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to work and excel in the ever more competitive global environment. 

Despark engages key players in the automotive, aircraft maintenance and aviation industries to offer training of the latest automotive technologies and aviation systems to the students. For instance, trainers and lecturers are continuously sent to Bosch, which is widely recognized as having the most contemporary and innovative automotive and engine technologies for training. Besides, trainers are also sent to Corida, the premier automotive tool and equipment supplier, in order to ensure constant improvement of the trainers’ training skills and expertise in the area. To complement this, the trainers are also placed and attached to the real working environment where they are involved in job and information exchanging programs carried out in the commercial car service centers in the market. Aircraft engineering

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