Camping At Festivals - Learn The Pros and cons


A whole lot of campers get their first taste of camping after they go a music festival for instance Glastonbury. Thousands go to these events just about every year, taking basic camping gear with them. A lot of camping outlets now generate and sell specialised camping packs for music festivals which consist of a two-person tent, two sleeping bags, two camping mats with a lantern and stove chucked in. Get additional information about festival camping

You usually have this vision that camping at a festival means roughing it devoid of washing. In part this can be correct; a staggering truth is that lots of of men and women who camp at a music festival in fact abandon all their camping gear in the mud when it really is time to go residence. This really is due I believe within the sudden rush of when it truly is over, folk just want to leave as immediately as you can.

Another large situation at music festivals is crime, predominantly theft. Quite a few a time I've friends inform me that right after seeing their favourite act they've gone back to their tent and it has either been hijacked by some unscrupulous individual or the contents happen to be removed in their entirety. What has turn out to be pretty well-known now is Day-Glo paint to personalise your tent to produce it stand out in the hundreds even thousands of other tents. You will discover even tent suppliers within the UK that provide a tent package where it is possible to paint your personal tent, it may look a novel idea however it does possess a severe use.

You do need to take precautions when camping at festivals; it can either offer you the camping bug or turn you off for life. Never ever leave something of value in your tent, if there is a huge group of you going and also you all have unique tastes in music then try and arrange a rota. So if half you should go and see 1 act the half stay at the tent till they return and vice-versa.

You'll find other options than camping at the festival, you could remain in a local bed and breakfast if camping will not be your scene, but camping at the festival is absolutely the cheapest solution to stay at among these music events and for me it only adds for the overall encounter. Glastonbury and the other massive festivals have knowledgeable higher crime price within the last ten years. Because of their elevated recognition, police presence has also improved, so I do believe that they're a safer atmosphere now. As an example certainly one of my close friends takes his young kids to Glastonbury every year and he swears by it saying that it can be a terrific place to take your loved ones. A little diverse from all of the horror stories that made use of to turn up in the tabloids about drugs and persistent thefts.

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