Meal Preparation

Meal Preparation

Athletes Kitchen UK was developed by directors Danny Carr and Sonny George in 2015. The concept originally stemming from lifelong participation within a range of competitive sports, which naturally identified that nutrition is a vital component in achieving optimum levels of performance. 

In late 2015 pending Danny Carr signing his first professional contract with succesful boxing promoter Frank Warren, AKUK was born. This was further supported through lifelong friend and nutritional expert Sonny George who helped Co-Found the company. Upon graduating university with a business degree Danny's step-brother Elliott Turfrey became apart of the company contributing to its rapid development. Between the three of them they have now made AKUK services in popular demand.

What makes the team here at AKUK unique is that we are professional athletes ourselves, this has enabled us to identify what is effective and what isn't. This allow's us to create the best experience for you throughout your journey in realising your fitness and health goals whatever they may be.

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